Snug Outdoor Kitchen Designs Perfect for Small Backyards in Babylon

When it comes to creating a lavish outdoor kitchen in Babylon, NY, size is not all that matters. Even though you may lack space in your backyard, there are various design tricks and techniques with which you can create a memorable outdoor kitchen. Multiple grills, bar fridges, and a pizza oven would be grand to have at your fingertips, but are not always necessary. A functional, and fantastically fancy kitchen can be built from the bare essentials. Utilize the following tips and take your outdoor living to a new level.

Handy islands

When building with limited space, it helps to make as many features portable as possible. This creates opportunities for customization and expansion should the space become too crowded. Prefabricated or modular islands are great for small kitchens, because they can be portable. They can also be designed to offer plenty of storage and counter space on all four sides.

Quality over quantity

Creating a small outdoor kitchen gives you the opportunity to hone every element of its design. High-end materials can also be used in small quantities to achieve an unforgettable visual impact. Natural stone like granite and flagstone, make excellent countertops and floors. They can be selected in light shades for a spacious and airy appearance. Investing in top quality appliances can also help to set a small kitchen apart from the rest. This will enable you to make the most out of the bare necessities that your outdoor kitchen can accommodate, and raise it to the level of larger, fuller kitchens - a gas or charcoal-burning grill, refrigerator, counter space, and storage are all you really need, after all. Investing in high-quality appliances also makes cooking and entertaining effortless. Remember to ensure that they are protected from the elements at all times.


Add a bar

Snug Outdoor Kitchen Designs Perfect for Small Backyards in Babylon, NY

A small, cornered kitchen runs the risk of attracting very little attention, especially when it needs to contend with a pool or fire pit. Consider raising the edge of your countertops to create a narrow bar, as this will consume very little space. Line a few comfortable bar stools along the edge from which guests can chat to the cook, watch the food being prepared, and lend a hand.

Bring the heat

A freestanding heater will not only enable entertainment in the fall, but will also enhance the cozy atmosphere of your small kitchen or dining area. These portable heaters can be moved between outdoor rooms and brought indoors during bad weather. Exercise caution on windy days, however, as these heaters can blow over.

Be smart about details

Lighting can go a long way in making small spaces feel open and welcoming. Consider placing small, elegant fixtures in dark areas, such as corners and the narrow spaces beneath countertops. Installing lights at lower levels to illuminate the floor can also create an illusion of spaciousness. Mirrors are known to make small spaces feel larger, and will reflect light. They can also bring elements of the indoors out, enhancing a kitchen’s luxurious look and feel.