Patio Ideas for Small Outdoor Spaces in Oyster Bay

A tastefully small patio can have a big impact on the desirability of your Oyster Bay, NY, home. Limited space does not limit the potential of what you can achieve given the right advice and materials. In this guide, we give you some great patio ideas to maximize the functionality and glamour of your outdoor space.

Balance hardscaping and softscaping

Even with a small space, it is important to create the right combination of hardscaping and softscaping. A  patio tastefully paved with the right pavers can give your outdoor space an urban feel. This can then be balanced with a small flower garden to add some greenery to your design. Small lawns are particularly effective as they can still be used for placing furniture. Climbing plants are also great companions in a tight space, giving your space a natural look without eating up any real estate. You can also achieve a similar effect with hanging planters.

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A small outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen can take up a surprisingly small amount of space if executed smartly. Consider using prefabricated counters as these provide lots of storage and can be easily moved around should you change your design in the future. Folding furniture can be a handy accessory, keeping your space open until you actually need to accommodate more people. If your design already has vertical elements like steps and walls, consider adding coping and cushions to double them as seating steps and walls.

Water features and ponds

Patio Ideas for Small Outdoor Spaces in Oyster Bay NY

A small outdoor space can be a great place for a small water feature. If your yard has plant beds, a small fountain can provide a touch of elegance while utilizing very little space. For those favoring a less elaborate feature, a small pond can be an eye-catching addition too. Prefabricated pond kits are readily available and can give you the freedom to add interesting flora and fauna to your outdoor space.

Having a water feature in a small space can really wow visitors and also offer you the soothing sounds of trickling water for company during a relaxing afternoon.

A fire table

Having a small space generally means having to make compromises. However, with a fire table, you can have the theater of dancing flames with the functionality of a flat surface. A general guideline for smaller spaces is to match shapes of features to maximize the usable area, so consider matching your table’s shape with that of your patio. Fire safety is an important consideration, especially in a small space, so follow the fire safety laws closely or talk to your contractor for the best advice.

Keep your designs colorful

Having vibrant colors in your small space can help make it seem fuller and more cozy. Choose plants with strong greens and flowers to make your garden really stand out. For masonry, you can choose classic materials like fire kilned bricks to keep your designs looking lively. Pavers are also a great option given the wide range of colors and textures, making it easy to create attractive patterns and borders to make your small space really stand out.

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