Entertaining with your Outdoor Kitchen During the Cooler Months in Stony Brook

Outdoor entertaining in the winter months can be challenging, but when your Stony Brook, NY, outdoor area is adequately equipped, it is easier to make the experience cozy and comfortable. You don’t have to let the weather stop you from enjoying your backyard. Here are some tips on maximizing outdoor enjoyment this winter:

Outdoor Grilling

Unless your outdoor kitchen is completely protected from the cold, it is unlikely you’ll use your kitchen amenities. Your refrigerator and sink will need protection, so it is recommended that you shut off the water, drain the water lines, and switch off the power to all outdoor kitchen units.

Entertaining with your Outdoor Kitchen During the Cooler Months in Stony Brook, NY

The only element that can be used during the winter in an open outdoor kitchen is your grill. Aside from proper winter maintenance, which includes cleaning and shielding with a protective cover, your grill is ready for winter cooking.

If your outdoor grill is not near the house, consider repositioning it closer to your home. This will allow more efficient preparation of food. It is also a good idea to place the grill in an area that offers protection from the wind and winter weather.

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You’ll probably run out of gas, propane, and even wood faster than during the warm months, so be sure to have enough in stock. The food preparations can be done indoors, so the only thing to remember before grilling is to warm up the grill in advance. Since it is out in the open, the grill is cold and may be frozen, so heating it up will help to reduce sticking.

Cooking in an enclosed outdoor kitchen is not recommended, but you can still make use of a covered wooden pergola or other structure for protection. With the ambient heat of the grill and a retractable pergola covering, you’ll be surprised how warm a winter cookout can be.

Pergola and Fireplace Combo

An outdoor fireplace will provide warmth and create a fantastic ambience for your pergola-covered outdoor area. Entertaining around a fireplace creates excitement and adds to the relaxed winter mood. There are many design options available for using your pergola to create a safe and comfortable winter patio that is compatible with fire features. Winter can often keep us cramped up indoors, so enjoying a glass of wine while roasting marshmallows will provide a much needed break in the fresh air.


Outdoor Pizza Oven

If you and your family love eating pizza, the winter temperatures may call for the indulgence of your favorite comfort food. A pizza oven is an element that can be used all year round, with the only condition being that it remains dry inside. As with incorporating an outdoor fireplace in your pergola design, Gary Duff Designs can offer the best options for a pizza oven/pergola combination. Aside from pizza, you can use your oven to cook other foods, including meats and vegetables. After cooking, you can still use the oven for a couple of hours to keep yourself warm.