Create the Experience of an Outdoor Room with a Pergola in Syosset

A pergola is an excellent way to define an outdoor room while incorporating classic architecture in your Syosset, NY, landscape. Outdoor rooms are one of the most requested features when it comes to backyard renovations. Not only will an outdoor room expand your living space, it will also increase your property value. Including a pergola will give your outdoor room a more complete feel and add interest to your landscape.

What is a Pergola?

As one of the oldest exterior garden elements, pergolas date back to 1400 BC. But pergolas have come a long way. They are no longer just plain wood structures: these days, you can find pergolas with masonry footings, Plexiglas ceilings, and canvas curtains.

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A pergola can be an extension of your house or a free-standing structure. Whether you plan to build one large outdoor entertaining area or a few smaller rooms, a pergola can easily be incorporated into the design.

Create the Experience of an Outdoor Room with a Pergola in Syosset NY

A pergola can also become a part of the structure of an outdoor room. To save space in an outdoor kitchen or bar, the perimeter walls and countertops can double as the base of the pergola. Define an outdoor living room with a pergola and add a fireplace as a focal point. The fireplace will create both warmth and light, making the living room cozy and inviting long after the sun has set.


Complement Your Landscape with a Pergola

When designing an outdoor room, a lot of thought and planning goes into the selection of the materials. Pergolas are most commonly built with wood, but there are a number of ways you can customize your pergola to coordinate it with your carefully designed landscape. Masonry footings will give a pergola a sense of permanence and make the structure feel more substantial. For even more impact, complete masonry columns will make a pergola feel like a solid, well-anchored structure.

A pergola constructed of natural, untreated wood will blend seamlessly with a country garden. Wood can also be stained to match other landscaping elements, creating seamless transitions from one outdoor area to the next.

Your pergola design can mirror your home design for a cohesive look. Consider using vinyl columns or coordinating brick to complement architectural features of your house.


Create Privacy

If your backyard lacks privacy, it’s important to add screening to your outdoor rooms. A pergola is generally an open structure, but there are ways to adapt your pergola to help block views from surrounding yards and buildings.

A pergola with wide slats across the ceiling will block views from above. Lattice can also be incorporated in the ceiling or on the sides of the pergola to create privacy as well. Having curtains installed on your pergola will allow for full privacy while you’re using your outdoor room. Curtains are especially convenient if you want to preserve views when you’re not using the room. For natural screening, pergolas are the perfect place for hanging and training vines.

Add Extras

Extra touches are what make a pergola more than just a structure. Add lighting to create an outdoor room that’s functional at night as well as during the day. Installing patio or infrared heaters will extend your outdoor season and ensure guests are comfortable at night. A louvered roof will allow you to convert your pergola from an open-air structure to a covered shelter with just the touch of a button.