Tips for Matching a Pergola with Your Outdoor Dining Space in Huntington, NY

A pergola is a quick and easy route to adding shade, structure and grandeur to a particular outdoor room. A well-designed pergola can truly transform the look and feel of a dining area, and can often enhance its desired atmosphere. Here are a few ways to tweak your pergola design to accentuate your dining area and enhance your Huntington, NY, backyard:

A distinctive wall

Large, characterful dining areas, created to house large groups are often reminiscent of indoor dining areas that accomplish the same thing. This feeling of indoor comfort can even be enhanced by filling the room with comfortable chairs, plush cushions and an ornate table. Consider accenting a dining area like this using an accent wall that spans the space between two pergola posts. You could opt for an inviting shade like pale olive or dark blue that overflows with character, or give the wall the character of rich natural stone with stone veneer. You could even fit a small window into the wall to create an interesting backdrop for your outdoor dining area. Solid walls offer the added benefit of plenty of privacy and a feeling of intimacy.

Key textures

Tips for Matching a Pergola with Your Outdoor Dining Space in Huntington, NY

There are certain textures and materials that belong to particular themes or aesthetics, which can be incorporated into a pergola’s design. Worn, whitewashed wood, for example, is synonymous with beachy or nautical themes and are right at home in the context of a seaside property. This theme pairs well with casual dining areas filled with coarse fabrics, wooden elements and unrefined textures.

A cozy fireplace

Consider nestling a fireplace into the wall you’ve constructed between two posts of your pergola. A fireplace is the perfect feature with which to accentuate the cozy, comfortable atmosphere of your dining area. It can softly illuminate dinner parties after sunset and serves to keep guests warm should a chilly breeze arise.

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An away-from-home feel

Billowing curtains and an ethereal assortment of fairy lights can be fitted to your pergola and can help to create an exotic backyard theme. Accents like these serve to add a luxurious touch to dining areas and give them a resort-like appeal. And, as an added bonus, curtains offer a greater amount of shade during the day. Consider creating a bohemian theme by pairing curtains and lanterns fixed to your pergola, with silky and gem-toned upholstery. You could also opt for a low dining table, surrounded by comfortable cushions, for a truly exotic dining experience.

A contemporary pergola

Contemporary pergolas tend to be geometric in design, just like many other elements of modern design. In addition, contemporary pergolas occasionally deviate from the established four-post design. For example, the evenly spaced beams overhead can be continued vertically to form one of the pergola’s walls. This is not only an eye-catching modification, but also serves the function of a privacy screen. Contemporary pergolas pair perfectly with dining areas that make use of sleek shapes and materials, refined textures and a geometric layout.  

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A natural retreat

Homeowners with quaint, rustic dining areas should consider adorning the pergola overhead with plenty of greenery. This can foster a mysterious, or fairytale-like, atmosphere and add a new, exciting element to at-home dining. Consider hanging ornate planters from the beams of your pergola and allow climbing vines to wrap themselves around its posts. Any vegetation around your pergola will also provide more shade during the day.