The Best Game Court Designs for Your Port Jefferson Backyard

Are you the athletic type? If so, there are more interesting ways to exercise at home than spending an hour on the treadmill. Consider creating your very own at-home game court that facilitates active fun for the whole family. The game court you create will depend on your particular interests, social circle, and the way in which the court fits into your existing Port Jefferson, NY, landscape. If you enjoy a weekly pick-me-up game with close friends, a tennis court or small basketball court might be perfect for you. Alternatively, if you enjoy hosting large pool parties, you might want to invest in a sand pit and volleyball net. Here are a few pointers for creating the game court that will satisfy your requirements:

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A relaxed putting green

A putting green is the perfect addition to an avid golfer’s backyard, and can serve for casual practice on weeknights. Putting greens are also a hit with kids, as it’s easy enough for anyone to master, regardless of their fitness level. Artificial turf is a popular candidate for putting greens and is free of any hills, holes and tripping hazards. Artificial grass also requires zero maintenance, leaving you with more time to work on your short game.  

A tennis court that feeds your competitive streak

Whether you’re a serious tennis player, or have a budding tennis star in the family, a backyard tennis court can be incredibly convenient. Clay, grass and asphalt are all good candidates for the court’s construction, while artificial grass creates a low-impact surface that is kinder on knees and ankles. Courts that are created using artificial turf are also easy to transform into something else, should you lose interest in the sport.

A basketball court for quick games

The Best Game Court Designs for Your Port Jefferson NY Backyard

Most homeowners opt to install a half court, rather than a full-sized court, because they fit better within backyards and leave more available space for other hardscape features. However, a half court can still serve as a great place to shoot hoops and hone your defense.

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A volleyball court for summer fun

Volleyball courts are generally comprised of grass, sand, or some other soft surface. While a sand pit has a wonderfully beachy look and feel, it can track sand into your pool and create a bit of a mess within your landscape. A court created using artificial turf will still provide a cushioned surface that facilitates your enthusiastic jumps and leaps.

A few things to consider

Before creating a game court, there are a few things that you should consider. For example, whether you have enough additional space to facilitate a game court without creating a crowded atmosphere. You should also consider whether the game court you choose will be able to grow with your family, and change as your interests evolve. Try to ensure that the game court you install can be easily repurposed into a different type of court, should you develop a preference for something else. While you can’t avoid falls and scraped knees, you should ensure that your game court is safe and provides some degree of cushioning if possible. You should also consider whether permanent structures, such as goal posts, will serve you better than portable alternatives.