Patio Ideas for Family Homes in Oyster Bay

The decision to remodel your Oyster Bay, NY, patio space is one that involves a number of considerations, including the younger members of the family. When family comes first in the lives of homeowners, patio design choices should reflect this. As you consult with a landscaping design professional, your patio can reflect your family as a priority by keeping it comfortable, safe, fun, and organized, even as the aesthetic complements your home and personal preferences in a durable and high-end fashion. Gary Duff Designs will work closely with you in planning out the design, budget, and schedule with respect to your financial, functional, and aesthetic needs.

Keep It Comfortable

Making sure that your patio is comfortable year-round involves adequate seating and protection from the elements. The patio should include ample space for appropriate furniture, and/or built-in wall seating. Whether with wall seating or furniture, bring in cushions to make the patio a comfortable and pleasant place to gather. You might even consider installing ceiling fans for the summer months, and during the winter, make blankets available and include a fire feature for added warmth. In both function and appearance, when family members think of the place they most like to relax together, this will make sure that it’s your patio.


Keep It Safe

Whether you incorporate a fire feature, swimming pool, or other feature that comes with potential hazards, make sure that the patio is a safe place for your family to gather. All hardscapes should be professionally constructed, particularly elements that deal with open flames. In addition, make sure to screen wind, use the right fill material in fire pits, have a fire extinguisher placed in a prime location, and consider any other potentiality for your situation. This sort of comprehensive safety check is best completed with the guidance of a professional in the field. These professionals are familiar with the potential dangers and will help to create a safe environment for your family.


Keep It Fun

Patio Ideas for Family Homes in Oyster Bay, NY

If you want your family to enjoy your patio, you’ll have to add fun features. While a swimming pool is an obvious choice, there are a number of other options. Consider including an area for play, with the amenities depending on the age of the children in the family. Some options might be mats for gymnastics nearby, a pool table, or a basketball court next to the patio. You could also include a board game area or an outdoor kitchen to ensure that family activities are readily facilitated in your patio space.


Keep It Organized

For family patios, the key to it all is organization. Family fun often has many accessories, and each one in the patio space should have a home of its own. Otherwise, with a family including children, the patio area is apt to be a mess to avoid rather than a gathering space for the group. Achieving this goal is simple. Consider installing a storage bench, cabinet space in the outdoor kitchen, or a closet pantry for larger items. Keep like objects together, include ample storage in the design, and discuss with your landscaping professional your need to prioritize family living while also complementing your home and enjoying a high-end, functional, and aesthetically remarkable patio space for your home.