Family-Friendly Landscape Design: Gaming Spaces

Your Setauket, NY, backyard is likely to be high on the list of your family’s favorite places to spend quality time together. Double the fun by incorporating gaming spaces that will create unforgettable moments and outstanding entertainment value.

Incorporate a Tennis Court

There are many benefits of having a tennis court on your property. One of them is the joy of being able to play sports and stay healthy from home. A tennis court will add a new social dimension to your life as you’ll be able to enjoy relaxed Sundays with friends and family doing something you love.

There are a number of things to consider when incorporating a tennis court into your outdoor living. The most important part is selecting a suitable surface. The selection of surface material is largely dependent on the style of playing you prefer. Surfacing options include acrylic resin, clay, and grass, each offering a different style of play. Acrylic is ideal for consistency and a high degree of bounce. Grass is perfect if you enjoy a fast game. Grass also has the benefit of offering a more natural look, however they do require a higher degree of maintenance than hard surface courts. Clay, meanwhile, provides a slow game with a high degree of bounce. Asphalt, carpet and concrete court surfaces are also popular, durable options.

Whichever surface you opt for, the best time to start building a tennis court is typically in the winter or spring as the surface will need several weeks before it’s ready to be played on.

Another thing to consider for tennis courts is the positioning. Consider the north-south position instead of the east-west to avoid the sun in your eyes in the evenings or morning. Consult with one of our professionals to discuss planning, permits, surfacing and positioning best suited to your home.


Incorporate a Basketball Court

Family-Friendly Landscape Design in Setauket NY: Gaming Spaces

Kids love playing sports and if basketball is their favorite, why not incorporate a basketball court into your backyard. Even if you don’t have too much space, you can still use your driveway or a small, hard surfaced area to place the court. The first step is to determine the size and space and leave the rest of the work to a professional contractor that will make sure the court looks like part of your property. The biggest benefit of adding a basketball court to your property is that your children will be safe playing in your backyard while becoming more physically active. Be sure to make your court big enough for Dad to join in from time to time.


A Mini Golf Course

You don’t have to own acres of land to enjoy the convenience of a golf course in your backyard. Have fun with the family and keep your putting game sharp by adding a mini golf course to your yard. Mini golf is the perfect entertainment for family gatherings and social events of all kinds, and you can enjoy this luxury from the comfort of your backyard.

Other Things to Consider

The outdoor activities are by no means limited to these gaming spaces. The possibilities are endless - you only need to identify your family’s needs and wants, incorporate them with the help of our services, and have fun.