Tired of Minimalism? More is More with these Traditional Patio Designs

For years, design has been dominated by minimalism and the use of understated shapes and materials. While this trend often results in elegant, sophisticated spaces with a distinctly modern appearance, they can also lack the personality and rich character that many Setauket, NY, homeowners prefer.

Sticking to smooth textures and a neutral color palette may not give you the room to express your artistic flair, leaving you with an impersonal patio that could just as well belong to someone else. That’s why many homeowners are turning back to traditional patio designs, full of the color and textures that make an outdoor space warm and one-of-a-kind. Here are a few ways to turn back the clock and create a rustic patio full of character:

A wooden pergola

Every patio should have a clear distinction between the different outdoor rooms within it. This results in a professional design that is well put-together and enables each room to be appreciated individually. While many homeowners opt for low walls, these can crowd small, intimate patios. Pergolas are elegant alternatives that only require space for the grounding of four slim poles.


Functionally, a pergola defines the area beneath it as an outdoor room. Aesthetically, pergolas can contribute great amounts character to a patio. Experiment with wood of different textures and colors to find the variety that best suits your desired patio design. A dainty pergola, painted white, never fails to offer a romantic appearance. You can also feel free to wrap fairy lights or flowering vines around the poles and beams of the pergola.

Stone veneer

Stone veneer consists of thin slabs of natural stone that adhere to the surface of a concrete or brick structure. Using stone veneer to renovate structures can revive your hardscape and give it a personalized touch. Fire and water features can be veneered to complement the natural elements they house.

There are many different types of natural stone and, therefore, a huge range of stone veneers. Fieldstone, which is collected from large fields, can bear a wide range of colors and textures, resulting in interesting veneers that are unmistakably unique. Limestone veneers are often laid to appear stacked and can result in a wonderfully textured and unpredictable design.


A bold use of color and texture

Tired of Minimalism? More is More with these Traditional Patio Designs in Setauket, NY

Incorporating your favorite colors into your patio design will not only personalize it, but can also be accomplished in an aesthetically pleasing way. Many homeowners are afraid that the use of color will make their patio look tacky. However, by consulting your landscape architect or designer, you can find ways to create a colorful outdoor area that is equally stylish.

If you’re looking for ways to make your patio look more luxurious, consider deep gem-colored hues like dark blue and burgundy. Pairing these rich colors with beautiful textured materials like wood and wicker can result in a bohemian design perfect for resort-like relaxation.

Plenty of plant life

Many modern, minimalist designs favour the hardscape over wild greenery. Manicured lawns and small, sculpted shrubs are often the only plants incorporated into these designs. Filling your landscape with the colors, shapes and sounds of nature will grant it a unique and ever-changing personality. Include plenty of trees, shrubs and flowers in your design to attract songbirds and add bursts of color to the landscape.