Gazebo Designs Perfect for Entertaining in Syosset NY

A gazebo is the ideal feature for turning any outdoor space in Syosset, NY into an area for rest and entertainment. Gazebos have been around for centuries and add a unique charm to landscapes. As well as providing shade and shelter, gazebos can also offer protection from insects when combined with screens. This makes them excellent for backyard entertaining and enjoying the outdoors in comfort.

Pavilion Gazebo

Gazebo Designs Perfect for Entertaining in Syosset NY

This gazebo design can be encountered in many backyards. The pavilion gazebo is typically constructed in the shape of an octagon. With this gazebo design, homeowners and their guests can enjoy fresh air circulating from all sides. This type of gazebo can also be found in rectangular and oval shapes. The pavilion gazebo is a representation of the classic, simple gazebo design, but it can easily be tweaked to create a structure that adds a contemporary touch.

Victorian Design

As the name suggests, this type of gazebo echoes the style of homes constructed during the Victorian era. With their curvy details, this gazebo design complements Victorian-style homes. This type of gazebo can be built from wood and metal and will perfectly complement an English garden or a cottage-style landscape theme.

Rotunda-style Gazebos

Rotunda-style gazebos are circular with domed roofs. They’re typically more ornate and based on European design styles. Rotundas are an excellent choice for homeowners who are looking for a large gazebo for entertaining guests. Rotunda style gazebos can be built by combining a concrete base and wrought iron railing for ornamentation.


Unlike traditional gazebos, a pergola is built without a floor and offers an open structure. Pergolas are an attractive addition to the backyard and can be placed near a pool or over a patio. Pergolas don’t offer much protection from the rain, but their design can be tweaked to offer shade. Typically,  pergolas are decorated with vines and hanging flower pots which add to their beauty and make them an attractive place to entertain. Some pergola designs include a swing bed that allows the homeowner to sit or lie down in comfort while enjoying the fresh air.

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Originally from Japan, pagodas are large wooden buildings that traditionally served religious purposes. They are known for their curving, pointed roofs and present an intricate style that makes this structure a stunning ornamental feature. This gazebo style can be designed as a central feature of a pool or patio area and can be used as a functional structure for sun protection.

Gazebo Materials

Gazebos can incorporate a number of different materials, including metal, wood, and vinyl. When constructed for public areas, gazebos are usually made of metal, particularly steel. However, their rough look and heavy construction can make metal gazebos impractical for a backyard setting. Metal gazebos are not only heavy but also prone to rust. If used in a backyard setting, metal gazebos are typically made from aluminum, which is lighter and more affordable. Another metal used for residential purposes is wrought iron, which is more elegant than aluminum. Aluminum requires little maintenance and is also resistant to rust.  

Because of its natural warmth and elegance, wood is the most commonly used material for building backyard gazebos. Wooden gazebos are long-lasting and can handle wind and snow. Wooden gazebos are made from quality raw materials such as redwood or cedar. Compared to other woods, redwood and cedar offer strength and natural resistance to moisture. Vinyl can also be used to create intricate designs and is incredibly durable. Regardless of which material, these structures can be used to create a picture-perfect look for any backyard.