4 Ideas for Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Landscape

With your patio construction completed, it’s time to add your own personality to the space in the form of patio furniture. The right furniture can enhance your Port Jefferson, NY, outdoor living space and create an area where you can work, entertain relax and enjoy the fresh air.

The following are ideas to help you in choosing the right furniture for your landscape:

Space and Layout Considerations

A good start is to determine the kind of furniture that best fits your patio by considering how much space you have. Large pieces in small spaces can create the feeling of a cluttered environment and reduce the sense of flow in the area, as can too many smaller pieces of furniture. The key is to provide ample seating for your guests while retaining order.

4 Ideas for Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Port Jefferson NY Landscape

Depending on the purpose of the space, aim to include one or two focal pieces such a dining table or outdoor sofa around which the rest of the pieces can be arranged. Remember to leave ample room for foot traffic and natural movement.

In order to reduce clutter and maximize seating room, consider incorporating permanent seating in the form of low seating walls and concrete benches. These can be adorned with cushions to enhance comfort and add bright color to the setting. Long sofas and permanent seating ranges can also be used to divide the patio into smaller, more contained outdoor ‘rooms’.

Matching Furniture to the Landscape

The surrounding environment plays a part in determining the look or theme for your patio furniture. For example, for spaces with a natural theme, consider furniture with natural or rustic finish and fabrics with warm earthy colors and natural fibers to help complement that look. For a classic look, such as an English garden theme, wrought-iron or wicker furniture can enhance the theme. Permanent seating with a natural stone finish is also ideal for both of these styles.


Color and Texture

Color is one of the most important aspects of your outdoor furniture. The color of your patio pavers or decking play a huge role in determining the color best suited to the furniture. For a gentle, blended look, match the natural tones of your natural stone or concrete pavers. Alternatively, go for a bold statement by selecting furniture that contrasts your patio in terms of both color and texture. It can also be beneficial to select a color for patio furniture based on an undertone contained within the patio pavers. This will serve to unite the furniture with the patio, as well as draw out and highlight the matching tone of the pavers.


Choosing the Right Materials

Go for easy-care materials and pieces that complement the look and feel of your landscape and home. There are a variety of options to choose from. With wooden pieces, be sure to choose weather-resistant woods like redwood, teak, cypress or cedar. Although natural wood is sturdy and comfortable, it may require regular maintenance and preservative treatments for weather and UV protection. Steel and wrought iron are extremely sturdy, as is aluminum if it matches your aesthetic goals. Natural stone and concrete wall units are also excellent hardy materials that will maintain their appearance and function for many decades.