Stunning Additions to Transform Babylon Backyard Designs

Depending on the style of your home, there are a range of backyard design options to help you transform your Babylon, NY, residence into a space of enjoyment and functionality. If it’s time for you to renovate your outdoors, consider these attractive ideas to help you create stylish spaces:

Flexible Patio Design

In order to enjoy your patio all year round, design it in such a way that it will be an extension of your home. It is important to get the most out of your views and ensure privacy. Decorate your patio with plants in containers and install soft lighting to create ambience.

A Hot Tub or Spa

Why miss out on the luxurious experience of having a relaxing soak in your backyard after a long day? This must-have feature should be placed in a suitable location in your backyard: one that ensures privacy, easy access to the home, and incorporates additional room for sitting and walking around the tub. Another thing to consider when building a hot tub on your deck is how hot or cold the space gets at different points during the day; whether the area gets sun exposure or shade when desired.

Focal Points

Stunning Additions to Transform Babylon, NY, Backyard Designs

A focal point leads the guest's eye and gives the outdoor design a sense of purpose and order. Building your focal point should be done in a strategic way to achieve a sense of asymmetry or symmetrical balance, depending on your type of landscape.

A fire feature makes an attractive focal point. There are endless design options for an outdoor fire pit or fireplace that will not only be a practical solution for the cooler days, but also serve as a stunning design element.

Water features such as pondless waterfalls or a fountain are also very common. Homeowners tend to enjoy the sound of flowing water and the sense of movement they create, serving to liven up the space.


Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Area

For the complete outdoor experience, consider adding a functional outdoor kitchen and a comfortable dining area. For many homeowners, eating outdoors is one of the most enjoyable experiences. An outdoor kitchen is a practical solution as it allows you a personal space outdoors for preparation, cooking and serving. This will save precious time that you would normally spend going between the house and backyard.

Proper Landscaping

One of the key elements of a stunning landscape is greenery that adapts well to the environment in which it lives and thrives under the conditions in your backyard. Mix different plants such as Babylon natives with trees, shrubs, vines, and perennials for the best results. Consult a landscape designer to make sure the plantings are balanced with other features in your landscape. Also, get advice on the best plant choices, plant positioning, and ways to keep your greenery healthy all year round.

Outdoor Lighting

Illuminating the key areas in your outdoor space creates a special nighttime ambience. Outdoor lighting is important because it ensures safety and extends the time you are able to spend outside, enjoying the beauty of your backyard. Aside from adding stronger illumination in vital areas such as outdoor kitchens and pathways, light fixtures come in a variety of design options that provide decorative lighting for a softer glow. Don’t forget to accent the areas that tend to stand out during the day in order to create a unique look at night.