Patio Designs for Weatherproof Spaces

Savvy homeowners in Huntington, NY, understand that outdoor spaces require features, materials, and décor that can withstand the elements, as well as facilities to accommodate the use of the patio in different weather conditions.

Outdoor spaces are enjoyable when the weather is warm and the sun is shining, but it can become a lot less enticing when it starts to rain or when it’s cold. Having a weatherproof space enables relaxation, entertainment and enjoyment of the outdoors throughout the seasons. Here are some patio designs to keep in mind when creating or remodeling an outdoor space so that you may enjoy it any time of the year, no matter the season.

Durable Materials

First and foremost in creating a weatherproof space is ensuring that all materials are hardy and durable for outdoor use. A Gary Duff Designs consultant will be able to advise you which materials will work best for your design while maintaining their durability. These may range from galvanized steel supports, to weather hardy natural stone, to durable concrete pavers from Unilock.


Install Overhead Covering

Patio Designs for Weatherproof Spaces in Huntington NY

Including a patio roof or canopy is a sure way to keep the space protected from excess sun, rain and even snow. There are various options available to you depending the style that you prefer. Consult with a specialist from Gary Duff Designs to explore your options for installing overhead patio covering, extending the roof of your home to cover the patio, or erecting a pavilion for a detached patio space that remains protected throughout the year.


Cover All Bases

It’s a good idea to provide shelter to the patio from all angles using fences and hedging. This way you can surround the seating area with various wind breakers, guarding it from chilly breezes. For more substantial protection from the cold, why not invest in roll down vinyl sheeting that can be attached to your overhead covering? Or better yet, enclose your patio with sliding or french doors that can be opened to let in the fresh air during summer and seal in the warmth from a fireplace during the winter. This creates a warm, inviting space that can be enjoyed even if there’s a sharp breeze or snow. The large expanses of glass created by sliding doors will also help to preserve that feeling of being outdoors, even when the weather might not allow it.

Choose Your Fabrics Well

Introducing fabrics into outdoor patio spaces helps to make them feel cozy, whatever the weather. Outdoor fabrics can be left outside indefinitely on a covered porch. For less enclosed patios, it’s important to make your fabric selections based on how durable they will be outdoors. When purchasing outdoor pillows and upholstery, go for waterproof, washable, and mildew- and fade-resistant types. For example, acetate-based fabrics are perfectly durable and look as though they would be just as at home indoors.

Cooling Fans for Patio Ceiling

On a very hot summer day, you can’t always count on a natural breeze, so consider a ceiling fan to stir up the air and cool off your space. Cooling fans extend the usefulness of a patio during heat waves. Fans also push barbecue smoke into the yard and keep mosquitoes from landing on your guests. These can be attached to the support beams of your overhead covering.


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