Using your Pergola for Keeping Warm During these Colder Months in Holbrook

As the days grow shorter and the temperature drops, it’s always disappointing to pack up the yard for the season. But there are ways to make your Holbrook, MA, backyard more enjoyable in cold weather. Try some of these ideas to keep warm under your pergola and extend your outdoor season.

Add a Roof

Using your Pergola for Keeping Warm During these Colder Months in Holbrook, NY

One of the best ways to adapt your pergola for winter use is to add a roof. A roof will keep the snow and rain out, and will also help keep any heat from below in. A louvered roof is a great option for a pergola. It allows you to choose the amount of light to let in, or completely seal the area from the elements. The roof can be operated by a solar-powered remote, so no cranking is required. With the touch of a button, your pergola is transformed from a traditional summer structure to a winter shelter.  

A retractable canopy will add warmth and provide shelter in the winter, while also creating shade in the summer months. This can also be remote operated so that there are no unsightly side arms as most outdoor awnings have. A clear Plexiglas cover will create shelter from the snow and rain, but will still allow sunlight in. You can also have the Plexiglas tinted to help keep out some of the sun’s rays without completely blocking the light.


Create Shelter

Creating shelter from the wind will help keep your patio warm. Outdoor blinds made from heavy materials such as PVC or thick canvas will create the feeling of walls around your pergola. The blinds will provide shelter from the wind in cold weather and can also increase privacy year-round. For a solid shelter that doesn’t impede views, a glass enclosure will turn your pergola into an all-season outdoor room. If you prefer a more natural barrier, a boxwood hedge will provide protection from the wind.


Install a Heat Source

There are a number of ways to create heat on your patio. Once your pergola is properly sheltered from the elements, a good heat source will extend your outdoor season considerably. Patio heaters provide a lot of heat and are easy to install. Most patio heaters are powered by propane or electricity so you won’t have to build a fire or store wood. To save on floor space, have hanging infrared heaters mounted on the beams of your pergola.

A outdoor fireplace will not only add a lot of warmth, but also make for a striking focal point in any landscape. A fireplace works well in a pergola because it is well ventilated and the structure will also help provide shelter.

Make it Cozy

The final step in making your pergola a cozy spot during colder temperatures is to add winter-friendly furniture and warm textiles. Choose soft and well-padded furniture. Cold stone or plastic seating won’t warm up with body heat, so be sure to provide cushions for permanent seating arrangements. Keep thick blankets on hand to add an extra layer of warmth. And to keep the chill off your feet, add carpets under your covered pergola.


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