Swimming Pool Designs for a Tropical Backyard Retreat in Port Jefferson

Swimming Pool Designs for a Tropical Backyard Retreat in Port Jefferson, NY

Transforming your Port Jefferson, NY, backyard into a relaxing retreat will provide you with a convenient and cost-effective way to clock in the me-time you need. A fabulous poolscape will also take your get-togethers to a new level and boost your curb appeal. Here are a few ways to achieve a refreshingly exotic poolside.

The best shape for your pool

By incorporating spontaneous curves into the design of your pool, you can have it resemble a calm lagoon. Allow the water to yield to large features within your softscape, like trees and boulders, by having the pool curve around them. This will enhance its natural appearance and help to create a more fluid aesthetic.

Freeform shapes take up more space than geometric pools, however, and may not be a practical option for small yards. Fortunately geometric pools can have an equally exotic look and feel if surrounded by the right plants and hardscaping materials.

A customized pool design

There are various add-ons, like waterfalls and vanishing edges, that can add a touch of tropical splendor to your pool, regardless of its shape and size. These features are also excellently suited to small landscapes, as they are built into the pool or occupy its immediate perimeter. Various finishes are available for the interior of your pool, and can give the water a stunning dark blue or turquoise hue. Consider accenting geometric pools with sleek wooden bridges that lead to islands decked-out with fire features, hot tubs, and contemporary furniture.


A serene softscape

In order to fully encompass the relaxing atmosphere of a Bali resort, your surrounding landscape should complement and enhance the tropical aesthetic of the pool. Consider planting trees and shrubs that will attract bird life. The poolscape should look lush and lively, with sounds of running water and birdsong permeating the tranquil atmosphere. Plenty of greenery will also contribute towards making your backyard getaway feel secluded and intimate.

Luxurious landscape lighting

Adorning a geometric pool with underwater lights can give it a luxurious, resort-like look. Small fire pits around the perimeter of the pool can provide soft lighting while supporting the landscape’s exotic theme. Tiki torches can also add plenty of character to the poolscape. Landscape lighting can also be used to highlight certain tropical plants and draw further attention to waterfalls and water features.


Fitting furniture

Furniture containing teak, bamboo, or similar materials are excellent candidates for a poolside patio with a tropical theme. Bright colors and floral patterns can be incorporated into the upholstery and accent pillows to energize the design. Unconventional options, like hammocks, can also contribute towards creating a casual, relaxing atmosphere. Most importantly, your furniture should be comfortable so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the sights and sounds of your landscape.

Personalized details

Scattering small, decorative items around the landscape can personalize the design and give it a ‘finished’ look, with each detail contributing towards creating a truly unique poolscape.