Revitalize your Two-Dimensional Deer Park Landscape Design using Retaining Walls

A flat expanse of grass, concrete, or stone can sometimes waste the full potential of an outdoor space. Regardless of how many square feet you own, there is virtually limitless vertical space available for you to wonder at and enjoy. Investing in tall structures like pergolas and pillars will go a long way in giving your Deer Park, NY, landscape a professional look while making it more interesting and unique. Here are a few ways in which retaining walls can be utilized to energize your existing landscape.

Handy dividers

One problem with having a two-dimensional landscape is the lack of distinction between areas with different functions and atmospheres. This can result in the atmosphere of each room being diluted, while their designs overlap in an unorganized fashion. However, by incorporating retaining walls into your hardscape design, you can clearly define the borders between rooms. This will enable your fireside to showcase its warm and welcoming atmosphere while your outdoor kitchen flaunts a clean, expensive look. Consider ending off your low walls with stout pillars, as they can anchor retaining walls to the rest of the design and give them a ‘finished’ look. When fitted with flat coping, these pillars can also be used to hold food, drinks, and decorative items like light fixtures or planters.


Part of your pergola

A pergola traditionally consists of four posts and overhead beams. Countless homeowners have created twists on this classic design to suit the aesthetic themes of their hardscapes and to improve the structure’s practicality. One of these modifications includes the construction of a retaining wall that spans the space between two posts. This creates a flat surface upon which items can be placed or guests can be seated. It also creates the opportunity to incorporate stone or concrete into the design of the pergola, granting it further texture and a greater sense of character.


Stunning uses of stone veneer

Revitalize your Two-Dimensional Landscape Design using Retaining Walls in Deer Park, NY

Stone veneer can be utilized to create unique, eye-catching retaining walls that bear an unmistakable sense of sophistication. The various textures within a single variety of natural stone can serve to add depth and personality to the design of a wall. Consider framing a luxurious stone staircase with veneered retaining walls for a romantic finished product that is absolutely timeless. Natural stone pairs inherently well with greenery, so consider nestling a few veneered walls among large leafed plants to create an intimate corner in your patio that is instantly more tranquil. The concrete or natural stone coping that lines the top of the wall can either contrast or blend into the rest of the structure, depending on how much attention you would like your walls to attract. Opt for capstone with a beveled or angled edge to prevent puddles of rainwater staining their surfaces.

Clever alternatives to outdoor seating

Retaining walls are famous for their multipurpose nature, and are able to provide casual outdoor seating in addition to dividing the landscape and framing its features. Adorn these seat walls with vibrant and comfortable accent pillows to make them more inviting. You should also ensure that their capstones are smooth, so that delicate fabrics don’t catch on their rugged surfaces. Seat walls are an excellent addition to small patios, where bulky chairs make the area feel crowded.


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