Functional Designs for Your Swimming Pool Surrounds

Designer swimming pool surrounds are an enticing addition to any Port Jefferson, NY, home and are sure to completely change the outlook of an outdoor space. Pool decking or poolside patios serve as fun and functional spaces for the whole family and provide the space needed to ensure seamless summer entertaining.

Traditionally pools have been built with poured concrete patios. These come with several challenges, including getting too hot in the summer, being subject to freeze/thaw cycles in cold weather, and also falling short of being particularly attractive.

Functional Designs for Your Port Jefferson NY Swimming Pool Surrounds

As an alternative, modern pool designs reduce and remove these shortfalls by incorporating functional materials and stunning designs for better long term use and sheer beauty, as well as helping to create an outdoor living space you actually want to spend time in and one that is perfect for entertaining family and friends. Enjoy the summer in style with a pool deck that is well and truly integrated into the design aesthetic and personality of your home.


Weathered Wood Pool Deck

As a platform for sunning or enjoying the pool area, a wooden deck can be an excellent addition to your poolside. In addition, decking can be used to create multiple platforms for a more varied, interesting space. When well-treated, wood ages gracefully, resulting in an appealing, artistic look. Take, for example, driftwood’s subtle gray color and charming imperfections. A salt washed deck can bring this look to your poolside.

Wood has the ability to embody the dignity of age while maintaining its refined beauty. For homeowners looking for a low-maintenance option, composite decking may provide a better solution. Although composite decking won’t achieve the same weathered look, it will provide a near approximation of real wood that stays looking newer for longer.

Modern Grass and Paver Combination

As a modern design element, large format, square pavers can be used to create a pool deck that appears to be pixelating into the surrounding landscape. This is done by creating regular gaps between the pavers through which grass can appear. This creates an interesting contrast between paver and lawn, and an attractive grid-like design.


Lounging Ledges

A lounging ledge for your swimming pool is an essential luxury addition for sultry NY summers. It comprises a shallow area in your pool, which is usually 20cm deep, and can be used for relaxation and sunbathing, and for kids to enjoy a safe paddle. Inbuilt lounging edges are a multi-role feature and an amazing addition to any pool design.

Pool Coping

Coping is the term used to refer to the stone or concrete material used to cap the edge of the pool. Options available include natural stone and concrete coping. Natural stone coping provides the warmth, texture and sturdiness of stone and can add a certain unique quality to your pool. These materials range from limestone and natural fieldstone to quarried granite, which provide beautiful and long lasting coping solutions.

Marriage of the Elements

Sophisticated swimming pool design integrates space, natural terrain and climate, delivering architectural designs that range from luxurious to opulent. For a design that is truly integrated into its environment, consider a combination of materials and features that unite the pool, surrounding landscape and home.


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