Landscaping Ideas for Getting the Most Out of a Natural View on Long Island

Your Long Island, NY, residence is defined by its interior as much as it is by its exterior. It is the dream of every homeowner to spend time and relax in a backyard that looks and feels like a natural oasis. Here are some landscaping ideas that will help you get the most out of the natural views of and surrounding your backyard:

Add Style with a Natural Walkway

Regardless of its design, building a walkway that leads the visitors to the best places in your backyard will create remarkable experiences. For traditional homes, symmetrical, straight paths from which you can observe the unique features in your landscape is a suitable option. An asymmetrical walkway that embraces curves and meanders is more common in informal surroundings and can be used to detour past locations that offer stunning vistas.

To keep a naturalistic style, look to natural materials when building the hardscape of your backyard. Local natural stone, gravel and reclaimed wood is ideal for walkways, walls, and fences that will define the already natural landscape. Concrete pavers that reflect the natural look of flagstone, granite, brick or cobblestone are perfect if you are looking for a less expensive, but a stronger and more flexible option.


Patio Location

Having an outdoor area where you can spend your time, placed in a corner of your backyard or a more private spot, will allow you to preserve the natural views of your landscape. The location of the hardscaping elements is crucial for enjoying the magnificent views offered by the situation of your property. Some engineering may be necessary for building a patio in a prime position; on the side of a hill or beside a home where the yards slopes downwards, for example, but the results are well worth the additional effort. Often simply erecting retaining walls or terraces is enough to provide ample space for a patio with a view.


Create a Natural-Looking Waterfall

A waterfall is an element that will enhance the natural look of your yard, and with a proper design, you can enjoy the benefits of a water feature that looks as if it has formed naturally over many years. This can enhance the view of your landscape from your home and add a peaceful ambience to your backyard. It’s also the perfect addition for a patio space overlooking a vista, as the ambience it creates stimulates the senses and makes for an area that is totally engaging.

Incorporate Hedges

Landscaping Ideas for Getting the Most Out of a Natural View on Long Island, NY

The softscape of your backyard is what gives it its fresh, naturalistic appearance. Gary Duff Designs can help organize the greenery in a way that most resembles a natural setting or create an arrangement that combines trees, shrubs, and hedges that divide the property and makes the view from your patio or home more visually interesting. The most stunning views in your landscape come about when you achieve the perfect balance of colors and textures between all of the elements. With the help of Gary Duff Designs, gifting your home with spellbinding views is easier than ever.