Unique Swimming Pool Shapes and Designs to Take Your Oyster Bay, NY, Outdoor Space to the Next Level

Now that you are thinking about adding a pool to your outdoor living space, the next challenge is deciding on the perfect shape and design. Pools do not have to be the same rectangular shape that was so common for many years. Now, pools can bring character, make a statement, and create an inviting, fun, and stylish place for you to relax and entertain. Adding a swimming pool with a unique shape and design to your Oyster Bay, NY, outdoor space will add appeal and value to your biggest investment—your home. Here are some swimming pool shapes and designs that will take your home to the next level.

The Kidney

Unique Swimming Pool Shapes and Designs to Take Your Oyster Bay, NY, Outdoor Space to the Next Level

A kidney shaped pool provides more of a natural haven. It has rounded ends but curves inward on the sides. This shape can be stacked and combined if space isn’t an issue, to create an expansive swimming oasis. These shaped pools are perfect for adding waterfall features to enhance the feel of the natural elements they offer. You can customize it by bordering it with natural stones and strategically placed lighting.

Geometric Pools

This design is ideal for irregular shaped yards. These pools typically have sharp edges with free formed shapes extending outward in differing patterns and directions. They provide a very sleek and modern feel. They can be further developed by adding water spouts, a bubbling spa, and lighting around the perimeter.

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The Roman Style

Roman pools are similar to the geometric designed pools, but they tend to keep very straight rectangular shapes with the exception of the rounded ends at each side. They are also classy and can add a theme to an outdoor area. Adding a water urn on each end can finish the Roman look and make your space look grand.

The L

These pools typically have a wider and larger rectangular pool area with an “L” cut out on one end that is more narrow and shallow. This type of pool is a great option for providing a wading area or a place for a swim-up bar that isn’t right in the path of divers and swimmers.  

The Free-for-All

This pool is typically for the larger outdoor areas and have varying cut-outs and sizes. These designs are also ideal for irregular shaped areas or for those homeowners who want to make a statement. These pools can be customized to the max because of their many curves and shapes. These pools are perfect for adding a spa at one section, a swim-up bar at another, a grand stairway, a diving board, a slide, and anything else you can possibly think up. Another wonderful way to make this design even more eye catching is by putting in a spill-over spa or waterfall feature. Add lighting at all the focal points and you have a luxury vacation in your backyard.

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The Oval (Also Known as “The True Oasis”)

An oval pool design may seem fairly simple but is in fact exactly the opposite. An oasis pool can be classic, Victorian, or rustic. They may even be considered the best shaped pool to create that outdoor oasis. Designing a cascade stone waterfall at one end and surrounding the oval with tropical landscaping and pool cabanas will have you spending all of your time relaxing poolside.