Have More Fun in Your Southampton, NY, Backyard With These Landscape Design Ideas

Your backyard should be an extension of your living space—a place that brings you comfort, joy, and happiness. The boundaries of your living expanse should be inclusive of your entire property line, and not stop the second you walk out the back door. What’s more enticing about a backyard living space is the lack of confinement—you are out in the open. Here are some ideas for you to consider that will bring you more fun while enjoying your Southampton, NY, backyard.

Creating Zones for Fun Activities

Have More Fun in Your Southampton, NY, Backyard With These Landscape Design Ideas

Creating zones is a great way to incorporate your entire family’s needs into your overall landscape plan, or to designate areas specifically for entertaining and relaxing. If spending family time next to a warm fire on a cool Southampton night sounds appealing, then a location for a fire pit could be ideal. Additionally, if you enjoy lounging next to the sound of flowing water, then a water feature could be a focal point of a relaxation area. This can be accomplished by using landscaping foliage, stone, and other natural elements that will blend with your style while also providing borders to keep activities contained. You could look into having an area sectioned off purely for gaming, such as a place to perfect your golf swing.

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Using Lighting to Set the Mood

Boosting the appeal of your landscape can be achieved with the right lighting. Adding landscape lighting will not only give you safety advantages, but can add to the ambiance. Consider placing lighting at walkway locations, gardens, and focal points to bring those areas to life, even after the sun goes down. Lighting will give you the advantage of being able to utilize your entire backyard at all times.

Adding Foliage for Whimsy in the Backyard

Creeping foliage is an ideal way to add character and class to your backyard area. These landscaping plants can be the perfect attributes to pergolas, architectural features, and stone walls. They can make smaller backyard spaces appear more grand by visually moving the yard vertically. Choosing a creeper that blooms will give you added seasonal beauty. If being encompassed by your foliage is what you desire, then creepers can achieve just that.

Stylish Stonework

Stone can add style and character to your landscape with paver walkways or elegant wall units. Add a meandering walkway, for example, to offer a fun and stylish way to move about your backyard expanse. The variety of stone available is plentiful so there are options to make your walkway perfect for your needs. For example, you could look into having large stones placed slightly apart from each other, to allow the natural turf to border each stone and create a more natural effect.

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Bringing Brightness to Your Landscape

Adding a garden to your landscape will beautify your area with color, texture, and dimension. There is such a wide array of choices that you can choose from to enhance your senses. A garden isn’t only visually pleasing; it can allure your sense of smell. The blooms of the foliage are often full of scent. Additionally, some garden plants will draw butterflies and repel unwanted insects.

When choosing the right plants for your garden, try selecting ones that grow vertically, as well as ones that grow leaves of different shapes and sizes and blooms of varying colors. The character of a garden can accent your home’s style and design.