9 Luxurious Swimming Pool Ideas for Your Huntington, NY, Backyard

A swimming pool in Huntington, NY, can be so much more than a simple place to exercise after a long day. Make it luxurious by planning out features that you can enjoy not only from your vantage point while in the water, but also when you’re out of the pool and relaxing on your patio. Here are nine ways to make your new swimming pool and its surroundings feel luxurious.

Combine Fire and Water

9 Luxurious Swimming Pool Ideas for Your Huntington, NY, Backyard

These polar opposites go extremely well together in creating a luxurious feel worthy of an exotic spa. Place gas-fired fire features around your pool, not only for ambience (and amazing reflections after dark) but also for light and warmth.

Or, for an impressive statement, consider shaping the pool around a fire pit so that the fire pit looks as though it is situated on an island in the middle of the pool.

Construct an Infinity Pool or Spa

Take full advantage of a sloped lot and embrace the views by creating an infinity pool, infinity spa, or a wow-worthy combination of both, with the hot tub situated at a higher elevation than the pool.


Bring in a Waterfall

A waterfall tumbling into a pool is beautiful and gives the pool area a more natural feel. It also serves a utilitarian purpose by masking the sound of traffic and creating a more serene space. A waterfall can also be used to continually filter and purify the pool water (since the filters are disguised within the waterfall feature, this option eliminates the view of unsightly pumps and filters).

Install a Slide

What’s more fun than sliding into the pool on a slide that follows a waterfall? Not much! Even adults will get a kick out of this fun feature that will have kids running, splashing, and giggling for hours.

Add Boulders Nearby

Flanking a pool with massive boulders can make a pool area feel like mountain hot springs. Add lush greenery for an even more exotic feel, and tie the pool deck into the landscape by using irregularly shaped flagstones or more substantial large-format stones that match the primary colors of the boulders.

Pay Attention to Reflections

Consider adding a simple white wall for privacy. Not only will the wall reflect on the water’s surface during the day, the water will create mesmerizing dancing shadows on the wall, especially at night when the underwater lights come on.


Create a “Natural” Lagoon

To make the most of a gorgeous natural setting and really integrate the pool into its surroundings, opt for a free-form shaped pool that mimics the look of a lagoon and minimize the pool deck. To do this, you could create a walkway part way around the pool, plus an area for relaxing, and leave the rest looking as natural as possible by bringing boulders and vegetation in close proximity to the pool. For this look, use paver stones in rich earth tones, or shades that match the landscape boulders.

Take a Page from Aquariums

If you’re able to set your pool into a hillside, you could leave one side exposed with aquarium-like glass showing the underwater marvel of the structure. Like aquariums do to show what’s going on in the water, you could have a see-through feature that is a visual stunner.

Remember Poolside Lighting

Create a romantic and luxurious atmosphere by using soft lighting along the edges of the pool reminiscent of paper lanterns. Underwater lighting should be adequate for swimming, as well as for providing ambient light.