Versatile Patio Designs to Suit Changing Trends

Almost everyone has a basic love of the outdoors, especially when the weather is pleasant. It’s in these moments that we can sit comfortably outside, be aware of all five of our senses and become sensitive to everything that surrounds us. This is probably the reason why everything feels more vibrant and vivid during the summer months than it does at other times of the year. It is the reason we have such vivid memories of fresh-cut grass, flowers and of sitting outside on warm summer evenings. There is nothing like being outdoors in the summertime.

Versatile Patio Designs to Suit Changing Trends in Huntington NY

That being said, the extent of our outdoor experiences is greatly affected by the quality of a landscape design. You can add both monetary and entertainment value to your home when you add beautiful patio and entertainment areas to your Huntington, NY, backyard.

Whatever It is that leads you down the path to patio renovation or addition, you’ll first need some idea of what you wish to achieve. Knowing what the hottest patio styles are for this year can help you make a more informed choice, and ultimately, can increase the value of your home by as much as 20%.

Patio Trends

Large expanses of poured concrete are an outdated backyard feature. You no longer want just one long expanse of gray concrete coming up from the street, or flowing from your kitchen door to halfway through the yard. Instead, the trend is towards creating clusters of different-sized hardscaped areas, each with their own function and stunning decorative features that speak of romance, intimacy and beauty.

These outdoor patios can be accented with distinct focal points such as fireplaces, water features, flowerbeds and more. For example, walkways and patios can be designed to lead up to a raised deck with a fire pit or other outdoor living feature.


Quiet Spots

Walkways leading to sitting areas, fire pit areas and secluded patios are also the trend this year. Just image a quiet flower lined walkway leading to another intimate reading area set away from the main house. This area can be further emphasized with a pergola or trellis.

What Colors Are In Style?

Recent trends lean towards earthy, natural colors and sometimes even darker natural colors. For example, we see a rise in the purchase of flagstone, slate, cobblestone and brick, indicating a return to the natural and authentic. Both natural stone and concrete pavers that replicate their appeal are suitable for achieving this effect. Besides being indistinguishable from real stone, concrete pavers provide functionality, long-lasting color and a wide range of accessible styles.


As the interest in outdoor living increases, we see a further trend towards bringing the comforts of the indoors out. Examples of this include the continued installation of outdoor fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and even outdoor nap areas. Patio furniture further supports this trend with comfortable outdoor sofas, hammocks and outdoor armchairs rising in popularity. Fully equipped outdoor kitchens are now replacing the simple grill and serve areas. This may indicate the need of homeowners to truly make the most out of their outdoor areas and enjoy their landscape away from electronics and the demand of the office.