Patio Designs for Easy Navigation and Traffic Flow in Port Jefferson

An ill-designed patio isn’t always obviously poorly planned out until it’s in use. Once the furniture is brought in, guests arrive, and people begin to move around the space, only then will some defects become apparent. Issues with space, entrance and exits, and clear walking room should be taken care of during the design process to ensure that your Port Jefferson, NY, patio design facilitates easy navigation and traffic flow.

Entrance and Exit

Traveling to and from the home should be made easier via the patio design, not more difficult. The placement of the patio and its proximity to the doors of the home itself as well as the parking areas of the property should also depend on the purposes of the patio. For outdoor kitchen spaces, entrance to the indoor kitchen should be facilitated, while positioning near the pool would be appropriately adjacent to a bathroom or changing room in the home.

Exiting the porch should also be easy and unhindered. Generally, steps should open as they descend, enhancing the openness of the stairway.  Our experts in the field of landscape design can assist with these decisions, knowing what to address and how to make the design relevant to the planned use of the patio space.

Walkways Within and Without Patio Space

Designating spaces for movement through the patio area and between outdoor spaces is essential for convenient navigation of the landscape. Making these thoroughfares clear is as easy as allowing for walkways within the patio and continuing on from the patio’s edge. The advantages of incorporating these walkways into the patio design plan include assurance of space as well as clear identification of room for furniture and other patio inclusions. With a comprehensive plan, the design will include all applicable areas, including traffic flow and convenient navigation.

Plentiful Room

Patio Designs for Easy Navigation and Traffic Flow in Port Jefferson, NY

Knowing how many people will be using your patio at any given time will help make sure that the patio is suitably large. Patios with different purposes will have different space requirements. Fully consider your plans regarding additional constructions, entertaining, and outdoor fun while discussing these with a landscape design professional. Since the construction of a patio is such a great investment, consider the long-term needs of the project. Professional landscape design specialists realize the comprehensive needs of patio design and can foresee potential pitfalls that you may not consider.


Consciously Choose Boundaries as Appropriate

Enclosing a patio with seat walls, fencing, or shrubbery is commonplace, but this design choice is one that can limit navigation. Rather than simply assuming that your space requires this inclusion, consider the unavoidable impacts as well as ways that you can achieve the same aesthetic without limiting functionality.

For added privacy, consider outdoor drapes that can be closed or opened as desired. This choice will also block wind to a degree and provide shade as needed. For aesthetic definition, lone pillars might be more appropriate than entire walls. Or homeowners might choose to extend the patio with more than one walkway leading away from the patio area. Ultimately, the patio design should facilitate movement around the area rather than limiting it, and assistance from a professional can help to maximize this.