Permanent Seating Designs for an Inviting NY Backyard

Choosing to incorporate permanent seating throughout the backyard spaces of your Mt. Sinai, NY, property has many advantages, from convenience of setup for entertaining, to accommodating a large number of guests. Discuss options unique to your backyard with a landscaping professional for the most inviting and unified layout possible.


Permanent Seating Designs for an Inviting Mt. Sinai, NY Backyard

Permanent seating is built in; its construction is such that it doesn’t have to be taken in for protection or covered during the off-season. Whether you choose to have seating walls built around the perimeter of your patio or entertainment spaces, or incorporated in the space itself, the decision should be based on how you intend to use the space and how frequently you anticipate needing to use the seating. If the seating is intended for everyday use, placing it within the area itself is best. If it’s purpose will mainly be for the overflow of guests, the perimeter is more appropriate. If space is limited, this option also allows additional room for moveable patio furniture. To further save space, serving counters for drinks or snacks can be integrated into the backing of the seats.


Creative Permanent Seating Options

The traditional straight or curved hardscaped bench has a number of benefits, but if you’re looking for something unique, why not try something unexpected for your permanent seating arrangements? Creative options include sunken or recessed seating and using flat-top boulders as stools. The uses for permanent seating options are virtually limitless, extending from use in outdoor theaters and dining areas, to convenient fire pit seating.

Enhance Comfort

Although constructed from hardscaping materials, there are a number of measures that can be put in place to ensure comfort when it comes to your permanent seating. Consider incorporating coping with a smooth surface and rounded edge, for example, to prevent snagging on fabric. Adding cushions is another possible means of ensuring comfort and will protect from uncomfortable temperatures, and hardness. Whether you choose to order customized cushioning or design your seat walls to accommodate those that are widely available, maximize the comfort for those seeking to relax in your backyard spaces. A further step would be to add a backing to your seating to allow your guests to literally sit back and relax.


Plan Wisely

Permanent seating is as hard to modify as the name suggests. The only real way that you’ll have to adjust the seating is to customize cushions and other accessories. Sizing the seating to accommodate mass produced cushions will allow for easier customization of the appearance. This permanence suggests that you be absolutely sure of the placement, materials, and functioning of the area. Having the assistance of an expert in the field as you make these decisions is strongly suggested. While these constructions will be permanent, they can in fact pull double duty as focal points while also lessening the need for mobile furniture, thereby reducing clutter. With a strong design, permanent seating can help maintain the unity of the landscape while also ensuring the functionality and longevity of your outdoor areas.