Innovative Ways to Include Water Features in Your Swimming Pool in Babylon, NY

Updating your swimming pool with an additional water feature can dramatically increase your enjoyment of the space, as well as your property value. Water features introduce interest and style. In fact, they can completely transform an ordinary pool area into a luxury retreat. Here are some innovative ways to include water features in your swimming pool in Babylon, NY.

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Versatile Design Options

Water fountains may conjure up images of ornate designs featuring cherubs, but they offer nearly unlimited design potential. A fountain pumps water into the air, but the volume and intensity of water, its trajectory, and where it lands are all different. Stainless steel, concrete, natural stone, and copper are just a few materials that can be used in fountains—with limitless shapes to suit any decor. Modern fountains can be as simple as a large bowl that shoots water straight up in the air.

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For a unique touch, consider installing several jets that direct water directly into the pool in an elegant arc. This makes for a more subtle auditory treat than a waterfall, but with plenty of visual interest.


Waterfalls are some of the most common poolside water features. Many designs feature large boulders for a natural mountain hot springs look. To make a unique rustic or natural waterfall, extend a ledge over the pool so that swimmers can enjoy swimming into a “cave” behind the curtain of water. 

Equally popular waterfall types are sleek minimalist waterfalls. For a wonderful, innovative look, consider a sheer waterfall where a broad sheet of water cascades over a stained concrete wall into a corner of the pool that features square large-format “floating” stepping stones where swimmers can sit and enjoy the sounds of falling water.

Water Walls

A water wall is an unusual poolside water feature that is sure to impress. Water walls are vertical water features where water flows down over a surface. This surface can be smooth for a sheet-like cascade of water, subtly textured for gentle sounds, or heavily textured for a dynamic look. The textures as well as the volume of water depends on the effect you want. A bonus to this type of water feature is that a large water wall or several water walls can double as a privacy screen to give your pool an exclusive luxury retreat feel.

Water Pots

Usually made of metal or concrete, water pots are typically placed along the pool’s perimeter or at the entry steps. Pool water is pumped into the bowl and returned to the pool via scuppers. Scuppers are essentially fancy drains, and they make for fun accents that can be used anywhere around the pool. Scuppers allow water to fall back into the pool, and they can be virtually any shape to influence the volume of water that flows through them. Place water pots directly on the pool deck, or for a more dramatic effect, elevate them on masonry pillars.

Some water pots feature gas-fueled flames as well as water for a sophisticated look. For safety, fire bowls should be elevated above the pool deck surface on sturdy pillars.

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Spillover spas are a fun and exciting way to connect a hot tub to the pool. An elevated spa creates a vertical element that adds interest to an otherwise flat pool deck. It’s also a way to maximize space, and offers plenty of creativity in design.