7 Reasons to Attach a Spa to Your Swimming Pool in Huntington, NY

Few features refresh a backyard better than adding a spa. If you’re wondering whether this is a worthwhile project, here are seven reasons to attach a spa to your swimming pool in Huntington, NY.

Extend Your Enjoyment of Your Pool Area

Even when the pool is covered up for the season, you can still enjoy your pool area when you install a spa. For best results, install the spa on the side of the pool closest to shelter (either the house or a cabana) to avoid a long trek during the colder months. A spa near a cabana with a fireplace or fire pit area makes wonderful year-round use of an area that otherwise sees only a few months of activity. 

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Add a Luxurious Touch While Maximizing Space

A raised spa attached to a pool offers an opportunity to create a visually stunning use of the available space while appropriating minimal square footage from gardens, the patio, or the lawn. Attaching a spa to the pool could maximize the space in small backyards, as well, by consolidating the “wet” areas for a more unified look.

Achieve Convenient Maintenance

An attached spa can run off the current filtration and circulation systems used by the pool and make the job of balancing water chemistry easier. When you add a waterfall into the mix, you create not only a visually exciting space but you’re opting to simplify maintenance. Keep in mind that only the spa will be in use during winter months, when there is a danger of freezing temperatures, so not all of the systems can be shared among the pool, waterfall, and spa; however, when it comes to maintenance, all of your water-related filtration, purifying, and pH balancing activities could be centrally located.

Enjoy Health Benefits

The Scandinavians have it right in going from the hot sauna into the freezing snowy night, back and forth several times to invigorate the body. You can do the same with a spa—whether you’ll be going from the spa for a cool dip in the pool or in winter when the pool is closed up, brave the elements for an exhilarating experience! 

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Enhance the Overall Design of Your Yard

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A pool area tends to be rather two-dimensional and flat, which isn’t as visually interesting as a multi-level space. Adding a raised spa adjacent to the pool lets you get creative with masonry and plantings that will transform the space into a more natural and inviting place to be. If you prefer single-level pool/spa combinations, you can get creative with pavers or teak decking to create visual interest.

Take Advantage of a View

An elevated spa can take advantage of a view. What’s more luxurious than watching the sunset from your own private spa getaway? If you already have an infinity pool, adding an infinity spa makes the space even more magical.

Aim for Nighttime Beauty

Who can resist a romantic dip in the spa after dark, or a nice long relaxing soak before bedtime to wash away the stresses of the day? Add some creative landscape lighting to set the mood for nighttime use, and you’ll transform your backyard into a staycation-worthy retreat.

 Contact your pool and spa experts for design inspiration or to get started adding a spa to your pool.