5 Masonry Features to Boost Your Babylon, NY, Outdoor Living Space

If you want to bring new life to your Babylon, NY, landscape or create something entirely new, consider incorporating modern masonry to give your property a custom appearance. With the right masonry features for your landscape, you can boost the curb appeal of your landscape while also expanding the functionality of your outdoor space.

Patios and Retaining Walls

5 Masonry Features to Boost Your Babylon, NY, Outdoor Living Space

Your patio should be a place of respite from the hectic week, a spot where you can relax and enjoy a favorite drink or have a pizza night. If your patio is not large enough or has crumbling old pavers, consider replacing the older material with natural stone or concrete pavers. 

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The beauty of natural stone quarried from the earth is quite something. Whether it is flagstone with its natural blue-gray tones or river rocks that have been worn smooth by the water, natural stone lends a distinct elegance and timeless look to your patio area. 

Concrete pavers offer the beauty of natural stone combined with the level of durability that will ensure your patio can withstand the New York climate while continuing to look fresh and appealing. One of the advantages of concrete pavers is the range of colors, shapes, and textures that present a variety of options for your landscape design. You might opt for a sharply edged rectangular or square paving stone, or a more rustic brick could be more what you seek. 

To further modernize your patio, you could also add a low-level, stone retaining wall to the area. This would increase the privacy of your patio area and add additional seating space for larger groups. 

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Walkways and Driveways

Your front walkway and driveway are the entry points to your home, the spaces that say, “Welcome!” to your visitors. Masonry can serve to keep these areas looking sleek and inviting. 

If your walkway or driveway has missing stones or crumbling edges, this can be a hazard to family and friends who come to visit. You wouldn’t want someone to stumble and get hurt. Less important but just as pressing an issue is the fact that shifting concrete or crumbling pieces of sidewalk and driveway material take away from the beauty of your home. 

For your walkway, you have the choice of natural stone or concrete pavers to not only increase the safety and accessibility of your home, but either choice would bring a certain eye-catching loveliness to the landscape. Your visitors will no doubt comment on the unique stone aesthetic you’ve presented in front of your home. 

Pool Decks

Whether you have an existing pool or plan to install one, the pool deck can become a critical feature for your landscape. Once you see them in person, you’ll want to choose concrete pavers that provide a safe, non-slip surface for the enjoyment of all those who come to swim. Not only that, but you’ll want a pool deck stone that stays cool in the hot sun and does not burn the tender soles of your feet. Plus, you’ll want a masonry stone that is gorgeous and complements the aesthetic of your home.

New masonry features can add timeless beauty and value to your Babylon, NY, home, as long as they are designed and built to last with quality materials.