8 Patio Designs to Enhance Your Old Westbury, NY, Landscape

If it’s time to redo your old patio and you need some inspiration to drive the remodel of this part of your landscape, you’ll find many ideas all around you. From home improvement magazines to portfolios of landscape contractors, there are many patio designs to consider. The new patio on your Old Westbury, NY, property should be beautiful, but that’s not all that it can be. You can turn it into the best area of your home, as a place that encourages enjoyable experiences throughout the warmer months of the year. Consider these eight patio designs to enhance your landscape—and your vision of the perfect patio.


8 Patio Designs to Enhance Your Old Westbury, NY, Landscape

One of the hottest trends in landscaping is to promote seamlessness between indoor and outdoor living spaces. In light of this goal, a patio enclosed on three sides with a curtain drape at the opening will soften the transition and promote the blend of indoor and outdoor. Add an elegant dining setup and a mix of greenery and traditionally indoor aesthetic pieces to complete the impression.

Elevated Levels

Creating various levels within the landscape is another option. Particularly appropriate for hillside properties, a raised patio or a multi-level patio ensemble with separate patios for separate functions will add a sense of luxury and abundance to the landscape. For example, separate the outdoor kitchen and outdoor dining areas not by distance but by level, with the use of masonry steps perhaps, and you’ve created a remarkable transformation.


Covered Pergola

A covered patio offers shade during the sunny afternoons of summer as well as a place from which to hang wind screens or elegant drapes. The addition of a pergola can expand the functional purposes your landscape has to offer plus add a sense of drama to your property.

Outdoor Kitchen

The inclusion of an outdoor kitchen could feel like an obligatory component for your landscape once you start researching what everyone is doing to enhance their landscapes these days. Being able to prepare full meals outside (beyond the hot dogs and burgers) is an entirely wonderful experience that you will want to repeat often.


Surrounded by Greenery

If it suits your style, the colors and brilliance of plantings should be integrated into your patio design whenever possible. For a private area designed for solitary reflection or intimate conversation, surround it with greenery for an impressive aesthetic as well as for creating a peaceful mood.

Conversation Nook with Fire Pit

Fire is another element that promotes casual conversation. Illuminate your party and bring guests and family members together for a nice fireside chat with a fire pit included in the patio design.

Poolside Relaxation

For many, the purpose of a pool is to relax, but the pool itself often serves as the backdrop for the event. Make the nearby patio the star with a focus on relaxation and safety. You could specifically choose pavers that are both non-slip and resistant to temperature fluctuations, and be sure they complement the greenery of the many plantings you’ve included in your project.  

Outdoor Dining by the Fire

If your patio will mostly be used for outdoor dining, you’ll want to consider adding a fire feature. Whether you choose a fire table, fire pit, or outdoor fireplace, make sure that the bright flame of the fire feature encourages comfort and conversation.