3 Landscape Design Tips to Improve Your Privacy in Babylon, NY

Your backyard is your oasis, a place to get away from it all, to entertain family and friends and enjoy your natural surroundings. For most of us, privacy is a key need, and we want to enjoy our green spaces without worrying about prying eyes. With a few smart and stylish updates in your landscape design, you can gain maximum backyard privacy in Babylon, NY.

Fancy Fences

3 Landscape Design Tips to Improve Your Privacy in Babylon, NY

Let’s face it, some fences seem drab or utilitarian. They were built mainly to keep out unwanted guests and block their view, but few fences constructed in the past added much to the scenery in the name of style. However, if you wish to keep your space as private as possible, a privacy fence is your first line of defense.

Nowadays, homeowners have more options than ever in terms of fence building materials and design. From industrial-looking installations to rustic slats, brick, and even classical wrought iron, you will be amazed at all of the attractive options in fencing you can find. Cedar planks and vinyl panels can look smart and attractive when added to your landscape design in a professional manner. Speaking with an experienced landscape contractor can help you decide which style of fence would best complement your exterior and your needs. It is possible to prioritize privacy as well as aesthetic preferences when you work with someone who is knowledgeable in today’s landscape design best practices.


Secluded Shrubbery

Want to really add elegance to your exterior without taking away from your natural scenery? Perfectly placed plants, shrubs, and bushes could be the answer you have been looking for. With the right combination of local plants in expertly chosen colors, heights, shapes, and combinations, you’ll be on your way to creating a gorgeous green visual barrier.

For example, a row of tall ornamental trees lining the backyard can help create a subtle division between you and your neighbors that is pleasing to the eye. An ornate trellis with creeping vines offers a beautiful way to improve your privacy on a porch, around your pool, or in an exposed space. Even tall, pruned hedges can act as a natural fence to give you the coverage and privacy you crave.


A Cool Cabana

A show-stopping way to elevate your pool area and create an added level of luxury, privacy, and style is with a cool cabana or pergola. With a variety of structures to choose from in different levels of coverage and size, you’ll be able to customize your outdoor experience. Best of all, you can choose a style to perfectly complement your home and other existing structures for an added privacy feature that will fit right in with your landscape design.

Another option is to use a pergola or cabana in conjunction with landscaping to create a fully cohesive and private exterior design. Use natural vines to add color and life to a pretty pergola, and then add an ornate trellis for a more private feel. Whichever option you choose, your backyard will feel more secure and serve as a more luxurious and enjoyable space for you and your guests to admire all year long.