Including Game Courts in Your Backyard Designs in Manhasset, NY

Are you looking at different ways to entertain the kids or spend more quality time together as a family? Are you interested in honing your skills in the comfort of your own backyard? The answer could be to install a game court and transform your backyard into a fun zone everyone will love. Here are tips for including game courts in your backyard designs in Manhasset, NY.

A game court is an investment, so before you build, here are a few things to consider.

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  • Is there enough space for a game court without crowding out the other activities you want to enjoy?

  • Is your land sloped, and will it need a substantial amount of grading and leveling? 

  • Do you want to enjoy more than one game or sport, and would a multi-sport court meet your needs better than a sport-specific court?

  • Can the court adapt to changing needs?

  • Will permanent structures such as built-in goal posts or basketball hoops serve your needs better than portable alternatives?

 Full- or half-sized tennis and basketball are two obvious choices for backyard game courts. But don’t limit yourself to those ideas! Here are a few more ideas for backyard fun.

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Putting Green

A putting green makes great use of a neglected side yard or awkward spaces, since it can be designed in any configuration. It can even snake all the way around the house or encircle the backyard. Artificial turf makes maintenance easy, and the addition of a few portable obstacles turns it into an impromptu miniature golf course for fun with the whole family.

Bocce Ball, Horseshoes

Bocce ball and horseshoes are two other games that fit well into side yards or small spaces. A flat, gravel surface bordered with decorative river rock could be all you need. This versatile space can also be repurposed for other activities. You can install a temporary shuffleboard surface in less than an hour on top. And when the kids are grown and gone, add a few raised bed planters for a simple and attractive vegetable or flower garden.


Life-size chess makes for great fun for kids and adults alike. This versatile space is constructed using durable concrete pavers. It can be installed stand-alone as a focal point in the lawn, or you can even incorporate a life-sized chessboard as a unique gaming space within a large patio. 

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You’ll never again hear your kids say, “There’s nothing to do, I’m bored” when you install a multi-sport court. Turn your backyard into an all-around activity center that can include a variety of sports including tennis, basketball, pickleball, shuffleboard, volleyball, and street hockey. Many multi-sport courts are constructed using specialized materials that allow water to drain, provide a consistent flat surface, and are easier on the knees than concrete courts.

Ice Games

The best part of installing a backyard game court is that you don’t have to look out the window longingly in the dead of winter, wishing you could go out and enjoy a quick game. With the addition of a durable liner and boards, you can transform any sport court into your own backyard ice arena! Just flood with about an inch or two of water, let it freeze, and host your own neighborhood Stanley Cup tournament!

Finishing touches on your backyard game court could include lighting for after-dark games and containment fencing.