Gorgeous, Yet Functional Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Flower Beds in Babylon, NY

Flower beds add color and texture to your Babylon, NY, landscape. Incorporating lighting in your flower beds will ensure they don’t disappear after the sun goes down. Highlighting your flower beds with outdoor lighting will create depth and add interest to your nighttime landscape. Let our outdoor lighting experts create a plan to illuminate your landscape and showcase your beautiful flower beds.

Creating an Outdoor Lighting Plan

For landscape lighting to be most effective, it’s important to start with a good plan. While safety is a big consideration when planning your outdoor lighting, the real benefit is how amazing your landscape will look at night.
When designing a lighting plan, we aim to cover all aspects of your landscape. Areas such as walkways, stairs and water features are lit for safety. When lighting outdoor rooms, the goal is to improve functionality and create ambiance. And then we enhance the overall effect by highlighting attractive plants and architectural features.
Flower beds can provide structure for your landscape. A flower bed can help form zones and guide traffic flow. Adding lighting to flower beds will help retain the beauty of your landscape after dark. 


Walkway and Flower Bed Lighting

Path lights are one of the most popular ways to light flower beds. Strategically placing stake lights away from a walkway creates a visual guide by highlighting the areas surrounding the path.
Path lights with a domed cover work best for lighting flower beds. The cover ensures light shines downward and produces small pools of light throughout the landscape. 


Post Lights

Gorgeous, Yet Functional Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Flower Beds in Babylon, NY

Post lights are an effective way to light large flower beds. Because they are taller than path lights, they create larger pools of light. Post lights can be placed further apart and still provide enough light to illuminate wide areas.
Allowing ample space between post lights is an effective technique to highlight specific areas of your flower beds. Properly spaced pools of light will help lead the eye across the landscape. 

Hardscape Lighting

Hardscape lighting shines functional and decorative light on wood and masonry elements in your yard. Whether lighting a raised flower bed or one that sits alongside a masonry feature, hardscape lighting provides a subtle yet attractive wash of light.
Installing LED tape lights under the coping stones of a raised flower bed will illuminate the inside edge of the entire bed, creating an even glow. This lighting method also works on ground-level flower beds with masonry edging. 


Uplighting creates a dramatic effect when used on plants and trees. Placing small lights at the base of a plant and aiming them up will emphasize the foliage and texture of the plant. Uplighting is a great technique for highlighting interesting plants and creating nighttime focal points. 


When lighting a flower bed that sits below a wall or under a tree, downlighting can be used to create a moonlight effect. Placing lights up in a tree or on a structure such as a pergola will generate a soft glow that mimics natural moonlight. Lights installed on a fence or wall will shine downward, washing the wall and plants below with a soft light. 

Mix Styles

Mixing different lighting styles together will create the best overall effect for your flower beds. By using path lighting or moonlighting combined with uplighting to create focal points, Gary Duff Designs will ensure that no aspect of your landscape is overlooked.