How to Choose the Perfect Shape for Your Outdoor Swimming Pool in Northport, NY

The shape of your inground swimming pool in Northport, NY, can make or break the overall look of your outdoor space. The two major factors to consider when choosing a shape for your pool are what sort of aesthetics and functionality you’d like to achieve. Here are some points on getting the right pool design for your purposes:

Choosing the Basic Shape

How to Choose the Perfect Shape for Your Outdoor Swimming Pool in Northport, NY

Consulting a pool installation professional before finalizing the shape of your pool is vital. At Gary Duff Designs, we take the time to carefully plan your aquatic retreat and find a happy medium between your personal preferences and the conditions of your backyard. We first determine a basic shape for the swimming pool that will suit the style of your space while ensuring that it is functional and offers the features that you and your family prefer for backyard entertainment. For example, does the shape provide enough pool patio space? Will there be room to accommodate outdoor features such as a fire pit or outdoor kitchen? Does the shape match the architecture of your home? Once everything is considered, you will be presented with some options to choose from.


Let’s take a look at some of the most popular outdoor swimming pool designs:

Classic Rectangle

This traditional shape offers gracious simplicity that will give contemporary homes a minimalist or formal look. A pool built in this shape is ideal for creating a space for enjoying watersports and games. The long and narrow design is also ideal for swimming laps. Rectangular pools present straight edges that provide sophistication and modern sleekness. Rectangular pools will complement contemporary to mid-century modern architecture and are perfect for large families who enjoy outdoor living.

Figure 8 Shape

This is a family-friendly pool shape that will offer comfort to homeowners who need a flexible pool space for outdoor fun and activities. The figure 8 pool provides a shallow area suitable for children and a clearly visible deep area for swimmers. It’s not a hard and fast rule that both ends of the pool have to be proportional in size. The indentations on either sides of the pool leave plenty of room for tanning, entertainment features, or adding shrubbery to the pool area.

Kidney Shape

A kidney-shaped pool is a popular choice because it matches almost any size of backyard. This type of pool is characterized by a distinct indented area on one side, a space commonly used to place a spa or lounge chairs. This pool shape is ideal if you want to set a distinct shallow and deep end to your pool, as this shape naturally accommodates this feature. The kidney-shaped pool complements contemporary homes with lots of surrounding greenery, tropical themes and naturalistic landscape designs, and can be used for both relaxation and play.

Freeform “No Limitations” Pool

A freeform pool can be built in any curvilinear shape because it doesn’t conform to any typical shape conventions. This pool style is ideal if you want to express your creativity and design something unique. Usually a freeform pool is built around natural elements and is great for creating a backyard oasis, surrounded by trees and shrubs. One of the major advantages of this pool shape is its ability to blend well with the environment, creating cohesiveness throughout the landscape.


L-Shaped Pool

The L-shaped pool is essentially a rectangular pool with one end extended to form an L. This section can be used as a shallow area in which kids can play or learn to swim. The main part of the pool is perfect for homeowners who are interested in swimming as exercise. Offering a more formal look, the L-shape can be nestled strategically into a corner where it won’t look out of place.