9 Must-Have Outdoor Fireplace Accessories

If you’re thinking about adding an outdoor fireplace to your Port Washington, NY, chances are it will instantly become a focal point of your outdoor living space. Nothing beats the warmth and cozy ambience of a fire after all. But there’s more to an outdoor fireplace than the flames—you can make your fireside experience even better with these nine must-have outdoor fireplace accessories.

Masonry Wood Boxes

Don’t let wood storage be an afterthought. Instead of messy wood piles or endless treks to the shed, you can make wood storage a decorative feature. A masonry wood box can be custom made for you so that it matches or complements the shape of your outdoor fireplace’s opening. It would offer an easy and visually pleasing way to stack firewood off the ground and protected from rain, ensuring that your wood is dry and ready to use anytime.


Decorative Screens

9 Must-Have Outdoor Fireplace Accessories

Combine function with beauty by using decorative fireplace screens to contain flying sparks and enhance the appearance of your fireplace. You could make a statement by opting for a fire screen with a bold design that looks as great when the fire is burning as when it’s not. To be sure, a fireplace is an admirable hardscape feature even when it’s not lit.

Fire Glass

For a gas-burning outdoor fireplace, you could choose to use colorful fire glass instead of lava rocks to add drama. Fire glass comes in many colors, and it is a gorgeous addition to gas fireplaces.

Pizza Oven

Wood-fired pizza is a treat everyone loves. Add a pizza oven to your outdoor fireplace to create an instant conversation piece that’s also practical. You will impress your friends, nourish them, and give them a reason to return when you need company.


Roasting Tools

There is an array of roasting tools that will keep you inspired as you use your outdoor fireplace throughout the seasons. Popcorn poppers are fun accessories that let you make popcorn outdoors (where everything tastes better). Roasting tools bring the campfire ambience to everyday living, and kids can’t resist the allure of hotdogs and marshmallows. For open-flame cooking, burn fruit hardwoods such as apple or cherry for great flavor.

Media Kit

To extend your outdoor time without missing the game, you could have a flat-screen TV installed above the outdoor fireplace. Incorporate a stereo with speakers, and you’ve created a relaxing and entertaining space that will be used as much as possible. For flexibility in the tone you set with this area of your outdoor living space, you could have a beautiful wooden cabinet enclose your TV when not in use.

Water Feature

Fire and water together create an unforgettable atmosphere to help you unplug from the world and enjoy the tranquil sounds of both moving water and crackling flames.

The Right Tools for the Job

Make stoking the fire and cleaning up ashes easier with a gorgeous set of stainless steel fireplace tools that can be stored outside.

Grill Station

If you’re not installing a full outdoor kitchen, a grill station integrated into your fireplace design marries cooking and ambience and transforms an ordinary BBQ into a memorable experience.