3 Landscape Architecture Ideas for New Homeowners in Southampton, NY

As a new homeowner, most likely you are giddy with excitement over the purchase of your Southampton, NY, home. Chances are you have thought about every room, every piece of furniture, and you’ve fretted over wall colors, but have you given any consideration to the yard? After all, the landscape is the first thing visitors see when they arrive. Here are some landscape architecture ideas especially for new homeowners.

You Need a Plan

3 Landscape Architecture Ideas for New Homeowners in Southampton, NY

Any gorgeous landscape begins with a well-thought-out plan—the destination you are trying to reach in the appearance of your property. Thinking in terms of phases of planting can help this process not to be overwhelming. Phase 1 can be the grass, foundational shrubs, any new trees, and fencing. Phase 2 might be adding additional walkways, a patio at the base of the deck, and a play area for the kids. Phase 3 could include the installation of a swimming pool, game area, or outdoor kitchen.

Or, you may be more comfortable with thinking of the phases in terms of the front yard, side yards, and back yard. This can be a satisfying approach because one area will be entirely complete before you tackle the next phase.

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Identify How You Want to Use Your Property

You may love the idea of eating outside but don’t love the idea of cooking outdoors. So, you may opt for a practical, inviting outdoor dining room but not opt for an outdoor kitchen. With so many possibilities for your landscape, you’ll want to think through what you hope to get out of it and how you’re most likely going to use it.

For entertaining, are you more likely going to have big groups or intimate dinners? Would you like more privacy with a fence, or is a natural screen more your style? Do you want to head outside every morning to enjoy your coffee under a pergola? Should you add more exterior lighting so that you don’t have to head inside when the sun goes down? These kinds of questions can help you work through your customized plan with a landscape contractor.

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Pay Attention to Details

A simple landscape that is immaculate will catch your eye before an elaborate landscape that looks shoddy. The difference is in the details. This means that mowed grass needs to be trimmed at the edges and newly cut blades blown away from walkways and driveway. Keep the shrubs trimmed on a regular basis to enhance a clean aesthetic. Remove weeds from planting beds, and add new mulch or pine needles to freshen up your landscape.

When you are able, consider upgrading your walkways and driveway with paving stones in a pleasing pattern. Accentuate the edges with contrasting stones or brick paving stones, and you’ll have not only brought visual interest to the property, but you’ll have increased the value of your home, as well.

Enhance the entry to your home with uplighting to illuminate the landscape design after dark. Incorporating low-level LED lighting for the walkways and driveway can also reduce the possibility of friends and family having an accident because of a lack of light to see the way.

Also give thought to when you hope plantings will bloom. You could have pots and beds planted with colorful flowers specific for each seasons—pansies for winter, petunias for spring and summer, and mums and zinnias for the fall.