Consider These Cabinetry Styles for an Outdoor Kitchen in Setauket, NY

Whether you are opting for a polished and refined look or prefer a rustic and shabby chic style, there is one thing that shouldn’t be overlooked when choosing cabinets for your outdoor kitchen area—the building materials must be able to withstand the elements of the great outdoors. This is especially true with the extreme temperatures during the winter months. Here are some cabinetry styles to consider for your Setauket, NY, outdoor kitchen.

Stainless Steel

Consider These Cabinetry Styles for an Outdoor Kitchen in Setauket, NY

Stainless steel appliances are as popular in outdoor kitchens as they are in indoor kitchens. It is no surprise why. Stainless steel can be incorporated into just about any decor and is extremely durable, as it is resistant to corrosion and staining. Most outdoor appliances are likely to be stainless steel, so utilizing the same material for the cabinetry creates a uniform and timeless appearance. Stainless steel can also be powder coated for added protection from the elements and can be customized to include realistic wood grain, color, and even glass inserts. This is one of the most resilient materials to hold up against extreme weather conditions, as well as bug infestations, and is relatively easy to maintain. This material is also environmentally friendly as it requires replacement less often, uses minimal cleaning supplies, and is recyclable.


Stone Veneer

Using stone veneer is another weather-resistant option for outdoor kitchen cabinetry. Homeowners often opt for the look of stone to provide a more upscale and customized, built-in aesthetic. Typically a stacked or whole stone veneer is placed over a masonry or metal frame to produce the appearance of cobblestone, slate, bluestone, or river rock, to name a few options. Stone veneer can be made from real or manufactured stone. Either way you decide to go, you will be amazed at the beauty that the look of stone cabinets can bring to your outdoor kitchen area.

Teak Wood

If you are seeking a wood-look for your outdoor kitchen, teak wood cabinetry could be an ideal solution. Teak wood is known for being rot and decay resistant, as well as water resistant, making it useful in outdoor kitchen areas. Although some maintenance is required to keep the material properly sealed and to prolong the life of the cabinetry, the material’s natural oils are known to repel termites, certain ant species, and fungus. This material is a popular among outdoor cooking enthusiasts because of its long lifespan. Teak wood has been known to last upward of 70 years—even when utilized outdoors. The natural beauty of teak wood is aesthetically pleasing and can transform your outdoor kitchen area into a masterpiece.


Marine Grade Polymer

Marine grade polymer is another option when deciding on the perfect solution for your outdoor kitchen cabinetry. This material can withstand virtually any climate and is known for its ability to hold up against salt water and chlorine. It does not break down, rot, stain, swell, or fade when exposed to the harshest of temperatures. It is easily cleaned by simply hosing it down and comes in a variety of colors, making it nearly effortless to complement any décor. What’s more, marine grade polymer is recyclable, making it environmentally friendly.