How to Achieve the Traditional Brick Look Using Unilock Pavers

Brick elements lend a classic look to any home, whether it’s on the house itself or on other elements like a driveway or walkway. If you want a traditional brick look for your Babylon, NY, home, we’ve got modern masonry materials that can deliver it with added strength. Here’s how you can achieve that look with these reliable Unilock pavers:


How to Achieve the Traditional Brick Look Using Unilock Pavers

For a brick look with a modern twist, Mattoni delivers traditional European style with a sleek finish. This slim-format paver is great for any hardscape, and can even be used as an accent paver. The Dark Charcoal color is a bold gray that complements contemporary designs, and matches color palettes of blue, white, and other cool tones. Create an eye-catching walkway with this broody paver and then use it as an accent in other areas to tie it in. Sable Blend is a unique, mauve color with a light, white-washed finish, and is great for one-of-a-kind applications. It’s beautiful for pool decks, classic patios, or any other space where you want the look of brick with an updated feel. Mix and match these two beautiful colors, or tie in Cocoa Brown too.



As part of the Unilock Elegance Collection, Copthorne is made with two Unilock technologies that guarantee strength and style. Reala Technology is used to take castings of real brick and produce authentic surface textures that make Copthorne pavers visually indistinguishable from real brick. Where the difference lies is in the durability and quality. Copthorne is manufactured with Ultima Technology that guarantees up to four times the strength of poured concrete. This means that even on heavy-duty applications like driveways, this paver is up to the challenge. Cracking, splitting, and fading can all happen with traditional brick, but Unilock products are guaranteed to stand strong for decades. For that picturesque brick look, choose a color like Burnt Clay, or choose from other options to match existing brick if needed. A herringbone pattern adds an elegant style; run a row of pavers soldier course at the borders as an accent.


Town Hall

This small paver comes in an eclectic mix of colors for a truly custom look to your design. Town Hall, also made with both Reala Technology and Ultima Technology, is extremely versatile and can be used for intricate patterns. Pick Burgundy Red for the classic brick look on driveways, walkways, and patios. If you want to experiment with color, you could incorporate sections of Basalt, a dark gray, or Heritage Clay, a swirly mix of grayish-blue and sandy beige. You could also blend different colors together for a more varied appearance. When it comes to the joint compound, different colors will affect the final look. Choose a lighter joint compound to give each paver more definition, or a darker one for a different look. For an area where you might want a smoother surface, like an outdoor kitchen area, you could substitute a larger, neutral paver like Umbriano, and use Town Hall accents to tie together the brick look.

Whether it’s a gorgeous brick driveway to complement your home, or a classic garden pathway, Unilock pavers bring the traditional look of brick with the strength of modern technology.