Artistic Masonry Inlays to Add Detail to Your Long Island, NY, Driveway

Paver inlays are a great way to add character to a driveway and boost the curb appeal of your Long Island, NY, driveway. Whether you want to pick up colors already present in your home or landscape, match your driveway to a walkway or nearby patio, or express your artistic side, here are some ideas for artistic masonry inlays to add detail to your driveway.

Artistic Flair

If you’re a wanderer who loves to travel, a compass design could clearly express your love for adventure and creates an instant focal point. You can pay homage to virtually any hobby or passion with paver inlays. Or show some family pride with a crest or family initial, create free-form designs that are simply there to make people smile, or even display your business logo. 

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When adding artistic inlays, consider the scale of the driveway. You wouldn’t want to overwhelm your driveway with a gigantic creation, but don’t make your inlay so small that it gets lost. In general, a good sizing guideline is to follow the photographer’s “rule of thirds”—when looking at your driveway from the side, the inlay will be most pleasing to the eye if it takes up approximately one-third of the space (with the regular field pavers on either side). When looking at the driveway from the end, position the inlay either in the first third or in the third closest to the home. Of course, art is subjective and if you have a design in mind that doesn’t follow the rules, you could have it drawn to scale to make sure it will match your vision and be positioned for the best look before any work begins. 

Add Flow

Curves break up linear patterns and introduce a sense of flow to a driveway. A contrasting curved band of pavers that swoops across the driveway can lead beautifully into an entry walkway, and serve to both guide the eye and provide visual interest. Curves—whether precise or random—break up rigid geometry, mirror the natural contours of the landscape, and look especially stunning next to modern architecture. This is a bold look, and you will get the best results if you use contrasting colors.

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Add an Apron

Aprons make a statement when people come up to a driveway. This part of the driveway is the first thing people see, and it’s an opportunity to add curb appeal, especially if the rest of your driveway is asphalt or poured concrete. Aprons also serve a practical purpose. The entry to your driveway may see more traffic than the rest: people turning around in the driveway when they’re lost, delivery trucks parking there, even people gunning the engine as they race to work. So, it’s a good idea to fortify this section a bit with sturdy concrete pavers. 

Add a Center Strip

It’s unfortunate, but it happens: Cars sometimes leak oil, and the last thing you want is an ugly dark dribble of oil running down the center of your driveway. If you’re using light-colored pavers, consider adding a dark center strip that will disguise oil drips and keep your driveway looking fresh and new. This is a favorite tactic among classic-car collectors.